Monday, 21 September 2015

Things That Go Bump In The Night

The past few weeks have been a struggle at bedtime. Our one son in particular seems to have developed a paranoia about things that go bump in the night. Consequently, he often ends up on the couch, or worse yet, on the floor outside our bedroom door - ever vigilant for those evil spirits that lurk within our home.

Last night was no exception. After trying to lay in his bed for mere minutes, he was quickly downstairs and onto the couch. Ten minutes later he was sobbing at my door, certain that something had 'run up his arm' and demanding to sleep on the floor.  After countless attempts at reassurance, we relented and allowed him to take up residence at our door.

Flash forward to 2 a.m.  I slowly roused myself from my slumber, only to be confused by what I heard. While normally quite quiet at night, there was a whooshing noise that pervaded the silence - one that I struggled to identify. As I laid there, I suddenly had visions of our water system spewing out buckets of water everywhere (sadly not an uncommon event). I bolted out of bed and rushed down the stairs.

There I discovered our vacuum hose laying on the floor - running! WTH?!? I've heard of peoples' tv's or other appliances turning on suddenly in the night - but a vacuum?!? "This is some freaky shit" I thought to myself as I turned it off and retreated to my bed. I told my husband that clearly we have a ghost suggesting I could step it up when it comes to the cleaning department. Also, I could use a glass of wine to settle my nerves.

As for our son - thankfully he slept through everything. I can only imagine how long it would take to get him convinced there are no ghosts in the house if he had happened to wake up.

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