Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Anatomy 101

Last night it became clear I am failing at teaching the more subtle aspects of anatomy. Don't get me wrong - they know their major body parts and can quickly point out their weenis' (in between giggles of course) when asked. I'm talking about those not often talked about parts of us - like our knuckles, eyebrows, cuticles and the like . . .
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(Just in case you thought a weenis was something else)

My oldest son wants to be like his Dad, so he only wears his ginch to bed at night. This drives my younger daughter crazy.  Every time he struts into the room wearing nothing other than his tighty whitey's she reminds him to "put some clothes on" in a voice remarkably similar to Howard's Mom on The Big Bang Theory.

Last night, she had had enough.

"Z, I can see your belly button AND your boobs! Put your robe on!" she hollered.

"I don't have boobs" Z stated smugly as he stuck out his tongue, "I have pimples."

"Z, those are actually called nipples" I gently reminded him.

"DUUUUHHHHH .... " my daughter teased "cause THESE are your pimples" she said with a note of triumph in her voice while pointing to the pupil of her eye.

We spent some more time talking about the parts of the eye, including the pupil.

However, following my very graphic and disgusting description of what a pimple actually is, they both swore they never wanted to be teenagers - ever.  Suits me just fine. I'd rather skip that too.

(Mental Note: start stockpiling gin ....)

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