Thursday, 3 October 2013

(cue): Doorbell

Is there a secret code that says when the kids are behaving at their worst some random person suddenly shows up on your doorstep?

This seems to happen to me a lot - which is not to say that my kids behave terribly a good majority of the time, it's just they seem to know when an unexpected audience is waiting in the wings.

Tonight was no exception.

We have been implementing a bedtime routine for the past month, and so far, most of our evening distress has thankfully subsided. It works out great for both the kids and me.

For whatever reason, the boys were on a tear tonight and not listening whatsoever. Normally they would get a long back scratch and snuggle before bed; however I informed them that because of their behaviour, they would only be getting a hug, kiss, and tuck in. Of course, this resulted in much screaming, wailing, and sounds similar to what you would make if one of your limbs was being ripped off.

(cue): Doorbell

I told the boys to stay in bed and went downstairs.

The woman was moving away quickly from the door. She seemed somewhat surprised when I opened the door and said hello. Turns out it was a candidate for the upcoming election.

To her credit, she said she didn't think anyone was home (which is the nice way of saying it sounds like you are in the process of dismembering someone but there is no blood on your shirt so I'm confused).

We talked for a few minutes, and she went on her way.

When I returned upstairs, I noticed B with his face smushed into the window and arms spread wide as if to say "save me".

I think it is safe to say that after hearing the sounds of torture and seeing the almost naked boy trapped upstairs, she will either not be returning for a follow up visit or will be calling Children's Services.


Credit: Snark Ecards

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