Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Marco . . . . Polo????

Today I had the pleasure of accompanying my mother to the hospital so she could undergo some surgery (she did great by the way) . . . of course this necessitated parking in the above ground lot near the entrance.  When we arrived it was very early, therefore there were several spots to choose from. I kind of felt like a kid in a candy store - there were so many spots - which to pick, which to pick?  I finally settled on a pull through spot near the cross walk. Mentally high fiving my good luck, I placed my ticket on the dash and headed in to wait with my Mom.

A few hours later, I decided to go home while I waited for her procedure to be completed.  Because I didn't want to leave any of her valuables behind, I brought her purse with me.  I walked across the cross walk and looked in the space where my car should be . . . unless it somehow morphed into a spanky red Explorer, that car wasn't mine. Apparently, my car decided it would be great fun to play a game of hide and seek. I can only picture myself as I wandered aimlessly through the parking lot - a purse on each arm and my hair all unruly from getting up so early this morning. I'd holler out "Marco" every once and a while as I rapidly pushed the panic button on my keys, but my car wasn't giving anything away with respect to its location. I walked in one direction, then the other, and pretty soon I felt like I was going in circles - probably because I was. A guy in a truck stopped and asked if I needed some help - I told him unless he said Polo, there probably wasn't much he could do.

Finally, I walked back across to the main entrance of the hospital and then back to the parking lot in the hopes of finding my vehicle that by now I had assumed had either been stolen or towed.  I reached the end of the crosswalk, looked up, and there was my car. Right.There.In.Front.Of.Me. Sigh.

I returned later that afternoon to a lot FULL of cars. I drove round and around the lot, seeking that ever elusive spot. Finally I located one and pulled in. I climbed out and looked around, carefully noting my location. There was no way we were playing that game again when it was time to go home!

Several hours later I went to go home. That damn car hid on me AGAIN. Even with hardly any cars left, it still took me several minutes to find it. A few shouts of "you're getting warmer", "cold, cold, freezing", "you're getting hot" would have been helpful - but no dice. 

Turns out if I had walked to the lot that I parked in, I probably could have found it faster. I climbed into the car and thanked my brain for giving me a little taste of just how much fun memory loss can be. Sigh.

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