Thursday, 25 September 2014

Hello, Tooth Fairy? It's Me, Ben.

When you live in a household with three children under the age of 10, tooth fairy visits are inevitable. Z had his first visit a couple of years ago and has entered into a rather profitable relationship with the little lady. E lost her first few teeth this past year (although she tends to like to just let them dangle from her gums, earning her the esteemed title of "Nanny McT"), and while she enjoys the monetary treats left behind, she doesn't particularly care for the flying pixie. This stems from her Dad asking her to say hi if she happens to wake up during the exchange - after all, he did used to date the Tooth Fairy you know.

And then there's B. Poor little B who was blessed with teeth that are firmly rooted and happy to be there. He has watched longingly as his brother and sister collect their bounty, and wept silently (ok, it's more like wailing like his arm has been cut off but whatever) as he learned that his younger cousin had lost yet another tooth.

In August, he was delighted to finally discover one wiggly tooth. It was barely moving, but still a sign that changes might be on the way. That night, his sister lost a tooth, and he left his own note for the tooth fairy …

He had been waiting (not so)patiently ever since, and slowly the days and weeks went by with no indication that the little tooth was going to give up on its current location.

The other night, while he was eating an apple, I tried to discourage him from eating the seeds. He replied "I've ALWAYS eaten the seeds - they are good!" to which I stated "well, no wonder you haven't lost any teeth yet then!" He looked at me with wide eyes, his bottom lip started to quiver and tears started to form before he realized I was joking.  I did feel a little a bit bad about teasing him like that - but only for a moment. After all, I hate loose teeth and these kids torment me endlessly by making sure I'm privy to every wiggly moment of the process.

Fast forward to last night. I walked in the door and was greeted by a tooth wedged between his lips. "Pull that thing out already" I exclaimed as I tried not to vomit. Thank goodness Mike was home and could do the yanking honors - and just like that, I had no more babies in my house :(

When I tucked B in last night, I found this:
Translation: I want 2 dollars in deer heads (quarters) please.

Rumor had it that the Tooth Fairy spent all her money on coffee yesterday - fortunately she hit up the bank machine before heading out on her rounds last night, and was able to secure some change to leave for the big boy. In her hurry, she forgot the tooth - and I had the distinct pleasure of hearing it rattling around in the tooth container while it was being shook by my ear at 5:15 a.m. Probably pay back for the apple seeds comment. Guess I deserved it.

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