Thursday, 27 September 2012

Goodnight Little Angels aka For Goodness Sake, GO TO SLEEP!

Seriously! Tonight is one of those nights where I would rather be doing just about anything other than putting the kids to bed. They are tired. They are cranky. I am tired. I am cranky. Quickly falling asleep would be a win-win for all involved. So why must they torture me?

It's Thursday night. Premiere night for The Big Bang Theory and Grey's Anatomy. Even though we have a TV outside of their rooms I am not falling asleep on the couch during either of these shows. Instead, I have suffered through the Nature music station offerings for the past hour because frankly, I didn't think the Classic Rock station would help them relax. As I type I am squirming in my seat listening to the waves roll in and out and willing my bladder to 'stay strong' because any sudden movement might trigger the panicked chorus of 'Mom! Where are you going?!?!'. I've already had them all jump out of bed and rush to my side while I did my business once tonight - no sense in having a repeat performance. Sigh.

Please tell me this doesn't just happen in my house - surely everyone else's kids assume that the minute they fall asleep Mommy & Daddy are going to make a run for it to goodness knows where. I could only wish to have somewhere exciting and thrilling to sneak off too - frankly finishing the dishes and making school lunches doesn't really rank very high up there on the 'I can't WAIT to do this list'. Especially when I'm tired. And cranky. 

Silence. Sweet, sweet silence.

I peek in their rooms and see them sprawled out on their beds, slight smiles on their little faces. Such precious babies of mine - I could watch them for hours. And suddenly, I'm not cranky anymore. 

So I will finish the dishes, and make the lunches, and maybe grab a couple jello shots out of the fridge because I didn't have dessert tonight. 

And then I will crawl into bed, grateful for the blessings that are my children.

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