Monday, 10 December 2012

Best Decorated Tree EVER

Last year we didn't put up any Christmas decorations as we were on a family holiday in Hawaii. This year, when I opened up the attic to get out the trees et al, I discovered there must have been quite the party going on over the past couple of years because our trees had multiplied. Or I'd simply forgotten that we have an abundance of trees. No matter.

I hauled the big tree down to the main floor, along with the new tree to go in the basement. The three smaller trees were left behind for the moment while we focused on decorating the big ones. It took a few hours, and the kids undecorated and redecorated a couple times, but eventually, the trees were Christmas ready.

By the end of the day we were all tired, and we decided to leave the smaller trees until the next day.

The next morning, Mike and I were surprised to discover that the kids hadn't woken us up at their usual 6 a.m. By now it was 8:30 - and they were still quiet. We crept upstairs, fearful of what might be going on. This is what we discovered:

Three beautifully decorated and personalized trees. My Santa Sleigh silk flower arrangement had been decimated in the process; however at least it had been put to good use instead of strewn all over the yard.

Flash forward a couple of weeks. Today, I went upstairs to make the beds and discovered that the boys had redecorated their tree. I'm not sure it is going to win any awards, but it certainly is one of the most bizarre creative trees I have ever seen.

Yup, dirty socks. It's either a decorating statement or a not so subtle reminder that it's time to do laundry. I think their Dad put them up to it ;)

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