Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Bad Hair Day

What is it about kids and scissors?

Has anyone had a child that hasn't used scissors to cut their own, or even worse, someone else's beautiful golden (or brown or auburn) locks in an effort to prove they are the next great stylists of their generation?

Do the falling chunks of hair stimulate chemicals in the brain that scream "cut it off - cut it all off!"?

All of my children have partaken in the beauty ritual otherwise known as 'the hairstylist who has to fix this is going to remember me forever'. Sometimes I notice right away. Other times, it isn't until I pull out the bed to vacuum that I notice long forgotten about clumps of hair that have been carefully hidden lest I discover what they have done. 

I remember finding lovely long locks in the sock drawer when my oldest daughter was very young. While she was thrilled with her new 'do', I sobbed for hours at the loss of her beautiful hair. Of course, it eventually grew back - and since then, I've had a less dramatic outlook on this seemingly normal rite of passage.

Last year, my kids went to play at a friends house. When we picked them up, I was sure E looked different, but I couldn't quite put my finger on why. It wasn't until I was brushing her hair for swimming lessons that I realized she didn't previously have bangs in the front - or the back for that matter - but she sure did now! I'm sure our hair dresser still remembers trying to fix it, and I give her full props for her creative work in hiding the back bangs!

Two weeks later, the scissors reared their ugly head again. This time, it was B who ended up with a new style. It was an interesting look, and sadly, very difficult to disguise.

Let's just say, February isn't the greatest time of year to have to shave your head.  Thankfully it grew out quickly; however to this day that patch of hair is darker than the rest. It serves as a constant reminder to keep the scissors hidden away.

And a bottle of Gin on the counter.


  1. My 2 year old daughter just did this a few months ago. She was just starting to get long enough hair that her mother could braid it. Now she has hair about as long as your boy's in the picture above. But it kinda suits her. I can see her having short hair her entire life.

    1. Thankfully, hair grows back and kids grow out of it . . . well, until they decide they don't need to go get their bangs trimmed and can do it themselves - not that I would have any personal experience with that ;)

  2. My son did this to a little girl with pig tails in kindergarten. Awesome.. not. That looks more like it's shaved, good thing he didn't cut his scalp! Yikes!

    1. Thankfully it's only been their own hair they have massacred - not someone else's! He did manage to cut it pretty close - I'm surprised he didn't wind up with a head wound lol!