Monday, 4 February 2013

Missing: My Sanity

This card says it all. My sanity up and left me. More to the point, it was driven away by too many late nights worrying about stuff I can't change, running in the hamster wheel called "clean up the house", and not enough Gin & Tonic to get me through. It got fed up. The weather got colder and poof, it ran off faster than I could gobble up a box of chocolates - leaving me behind as it pursued a life of freedom and glory.

Last I heard it was whooping it up in Hawaii, surfing some waves with the firefighters and sucking back Mai Tai's like you wouldn't believe.

I'm sure it will come back soon, right? If you happen to see it running around being all goofy, could you please remind it to come home? I kind of miss it.

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