Monday, 18 February 2013

Family Day

It's Family Day here in Alberta today. That means time off of school (and work for some people) to do family related activities.

I don't want to be a spoil sport, but here in my house, we didn't do anything in honour of the holiday. My hubby went back to work as usual, the kids and I played around as usual, and I'm once again procrastinating cooking dinner - as usual.

The thing is, I feel like most days we are running around here, there, and everywhere trying to fit in all the various activities the kids are involved in. We make a point of trying to do at least one family activity each weekend, and this past one was no exception.

So today, I made an executive decision and we didn't do anything except go to Tim Horton's to grab a coffee for me, and hang out with each other. I'll be honest, the kids were disappointed that we weren't heading out skating or swimming or shopping for toys - but sometimes, being a family doesn't necessarily mean getting away from the house and doing something fun. Sometimes it means taking the time to just be with one another, in our home, without worrying about chores, cleaning, homework, or where we need to be next. Having a pyjama day, relaxing and watching a movie. Working on a puzzle. Smiling, laughing, and sincerely enjoying one another's company. And it was a good day.

I can only wish that my husband and oldest daughter had been here to enjoy it with us as well, but I hope they know that they were each in my heart and on my mind - just like every other day. After all, we are a family - even though they aren't always here with us.

Happy Family Day everyone!

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  1. I'm a big fan of the just hang out day. I had to work Family Day so I took the Saturday off. The kids and I went to Value Village and wandered around - it was a nice day.

    1. Our 'just hang out' days seem to be almost extinct so whenever I get a chance to have one, I go for it! Glad you also had a great day on Saturday :) Thanks for the comment :)

  2. I totally love that they have "Family Day" there! But, you're right sometimes just doing nothing together are the best family days!

    1. It's definitely a nice little break in February :)