Saturday, 13 April 2013

What Do You Give a Guy Who Has Everything?

It's the age old question really. When somebody already has everything he/she needs, what on earth do you do for a gift when a special occasion arises?

I'm struggling with this as I write. It is our Anniversary next week, and my husband has, well, everything he needs or wants. For the most part anyways. And so, I am left to my own devices.

I conducted a little research - and noted that Hugh Hefner's new bride created a beautiful 3D collage of everything he enjoys - including a container of Strawberry Hagen-Daz ice cream ... apparently he loved it (the guy is 87 years old and wears pyjama's every single day - of course he's going to love it - he's weird!). I somehow don't think a gift like this is going to fly in my house though. My husband would probably mistake it for garbage piling up on the counter instead of a meaningful and thoughtful gift. Although it would necessitate a trip to the dump, which would of course, make him happy. Never know what you might find at the dump - glorious treasures often await.

So I got to thinking a little harder. My husband likes hot sauce - loves hot sauce as a matter of fact. I could head on down to a specialty store and pick up some unique sauce that would incinerate his stomach lining - cause nothing says love quite like a belly ache and subsequent fire in the hole. But then I came across this on Twitter, and thought, hmmm, I don't even have to go to a specialty store. No, I can just head on over to Sobey's and pick some of this stuff up . . .

Professor Phardtpounders has done it again!

At $8.99, it's a great deal, don't you think?

On second thought, I'm not so sure I want to put up with what would result from the back end of this gift, so perhaps I'll save that for another day ... like when I'm really angry with him and he's headed back to work the next day.

I thought some more. We are heading out on a hot holiday right away, and because my hubs has lost a lot of weight, his swimsuit no longer fits him properly. He swears he can still wear it; however I'm not so sure that it will be a good scene when he goes to get out of the pool and his trunks fall to his ankles. He might be OK with it, but I'm pretty sure the other pool patrons would not be. Perhaps a new suit would be an option? Thankfully a Facebook friend posted these the other day - they come in a multitude of colors as you can see; however I'm not so sure about the coverage ...

Then again, maybe not ....

I'm fresh out of ideas. I guess he's going to have to live with a family that loves him dearly as his gift this year. Unless you have some ideas you'd like to share ....

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