Friday, 5 April 2013

And In This Edition of 'Ben Says' . . .

Fresh off the heels of trying to explain what Ken was trying to do to Barbie at Auntie's house (if you missed the previous blog post, click here), we encountered a similarly challenging question on the 12 hour drive home later that week.

We were well into the mountains when the DVD player died and the children were left to their own devices. For a long while they played 'I Spy' before settling into a rousing rendition of 'Who's Breathing On Who' and 'He's Touching Me!'.

Just when we were about to pull over and let them find their own way home, Z posed an interesting question.

"Where did people come from, anyways?" he asked.

Ben says -
"Duh. They come from your TUMMY, Z!"

After clarifying that he meant where did the first people EVER come from, Mike and I attempted (poorly) to explain both the religious and evolutionary perspectives.

Ben says -
"Is that why Z's so hairy?"

After consoling his sobbing brother and re-iterating for the thousandth time that Z is NOT and NEVER WILL BE a monkey, we moved on to how mountains were made.

Ben says -
"Well, mountains might be made of rocks but clouds are made of cotton candy"

My husband launched into a long and detailed explanation about how clouds are made and what they are made of. And when he was finally finished ... 

Ben says -
"Nope. Pretty sure it's cotton candy Dad."

Man I LOVE that kid!

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