Friday, 19 April 2013

Husbands Say the Darndest Things

The other day my husband and I were on our way to town to do some shopping. For most of the trip, he proceeded to tell me about a new and creative business opportunity he had been thinking about. It was intriguing.

I commented that it would be great to possibly start a business someday, and he told me how great I would be at it.

Then he said - and I quote "I'm sure you'd be great at something - we just have to figure out what it is".

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I looked over at him and smiled. "Sounded a lot better in your head, didn't it?"

He nodded sheepishly.

I'm not EVER letting him forget this one - because, as it turns out, remembering stupid shit like this is one thing I am really great at ;)


  1. I almost - and I repeat almost feel sorry for him. This is why women are better at talking - we don't just think about what we're going to say before we say it - we imagine the entire conversation in at least 3 possible different scenarios before we speak.

    1. I actually did feel sorry for him when he said it - but not so much when I remind him of it lol :)