Monday, 6 August 2012

A Smart Mouse

Well, the mouse hasn't taken over completely, but it is safe to say that she is way smarter than we are apparently.

After setting out a dozen traps on Thursday night, I was SURE that she would be caught in the morning.  Instead, she licked each trap clean of peanut butter and was probably sitting somewhere trying to pull her lips apart after her feast.  Sonofa . . .

I was informed by Mike that it was because I had used cheap no-name traps, and that he had some in the garage that were sure to do the trick.  We loaded them up before going out that night and were confident that by the time we came home, our house guest would be neutralized.

Not so . . . again, each trap was licked clean. That mouse is smart - and skillful apparently. The upside? It wasn't just my cheap traps the mouse could outwit.

Around 2:30 a.m. we once again heard our furry friend playing in our room. By the time Mike worked up enough courage to chase it out, she had practically built a catapult with some tinker toys that were laying around. I think she was planning an ambush.

Later that day I was grabbing some beer from the basement fridge when she darted across my toes and under the furnace. Thankfully I didn't drop the beer - that would have been a tragedy for sure.

At any rate, after eating her weight in peanut butter, we finally caught the thing and she was sent on her way to mousey heaven.  Guess you can only be smart for so long. 

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