Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Dirty Faces

I don't know how he does it . . . every time I turn around, my oldest son (Z) has the messiest, dirtiest face I ever did see. He's been this way since birth, and while I was hoping that by the time he was 8 we might see some improvement, it appears I may have been overly optimistic.

It isn't as though he is never required to wash his face, or even use a napkin while he is eating. I provide him with a cloth, he will wipe his face during the meal, and five minutes after he has left the table, you'd swear he'd just stuck his head in a trough!

One evening when we were putting the kids to bed, I asked my husband to wash Z's face as it was as dirty as ever. I rolled my eyes as I heard Z complaining about the smell - until I walked around the corner and saw what was being used as a face cloth.

There was my poor little boy having his face scrubbed with the dirty cloth that had been used to clean the toilet a day earlier. No wonder he was complaining!!!

"OMG you are using the TOILET RAG to wash his face?!?!?" I said, rather incredulously to my husband.

"Well, yeah - I thought it was the face cloth" he replied nonchalantly.

I looked at him - and I looked at the cloth - an old ripped up, frayed and thread bare towel that was stained beyond belief - and I shook my head sadly. Men really ARE from a different planet.

In all fairness though, this did kind of make up for the time that one of the kids brushed my husbands hair with the really scuzzy toilet brush . . . it's never really been the same since.

Needless to say, I make extra certain there are only actual face cloths left in the bathroom now :)

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