Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Who Pee'd in Your Sandbox?

This weekend saw lots of time at the lake enjoying the amazing summer weather. The kids, as always, had a great time - and spent an afternoon building sand castles and other various structures in the playground.

My kids are super smart. They know that in order to build a good sand structure, you can't use dry sand. At the lake this is no problem - there is always lots of wet sand on hand. At the city playground - well, it might be time to improvise.

One day when the kids were visiting their grandma in town, they decided to take the sand toys over to the playground and have a bit of fun. They played and played and played, and from the sounds of their giggles, were having a grand time.

It wasn't until a lady with a sour look on her face popped over to ask if those were "your children" at the playground that we even had a hint that something might be amiss.  Apparently, "our children" had decided that they needed to have some wet sand - and as there was no water source in sight, decided to drop their drawers and pee in their sand buckets.

Now I get it - that's terribly gross, unhygienic, and inappropriate; however at the same time, we couldn't help but feel a little proud that they came up with a way to solve their problem on their own. I mean, they were only 3 at the time!

Needless to say, no peeing at the park - even to make a sand castle - has become a standard rule in our house.  And given their penchant for peeing outside, it looks like it will be rule that's around for a long time.

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