Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Birthday Suits

I love that my kids are free spirits and are uninhibited. Most of the time. When they are running around the house naked, not so much.

What is it about being a kid and stripping? I'm sure I never did this, and I know my oldest daughter was a little more modest (she only ever stripped down her Barbie's when we had company) - so what's the deal?

They can be playing downstairs with lego - next thing I know they are laughing hysterically - I go down to check - yup, naked. 

It used to be that you knew it was summer when the kids were all stripped down and jumping on the trampoline. Fortunately, the trees have grown a lot the past two years so people driving down the highway aren't forced to view this phenomenon. I really hope they grow out of this. Soon.

One day I was mowing the lawn and I look over to see Elizabeth running full speed beside me - wearing a fluorescent pink toque and knee high red rubber boots. Quite a fashion statement indeed. Ben was not far behind her with just a pair of crocs on his feet. I'm not sure which was worse - the crocs or the little white butt streaking across the yard ...

I've been sick the past couple of days, so they have been able to play on the computer more. I log in today and there is a picture - correction a video - of Elizabeth's naked butt with her brothers grinning face right beside staring back at me. Sigh. It's one thing to run around naked - but to take a video? With your brother? Really? I won't even TELL you what I found on my phone one day ...

On the one hand, I'd really love it if they never lost this innocence - this freedom to be comfortable in their own skin . . . but honestly, if I have to look at one more naked butt I might lose my mind!

Time for the modesty lessons to start . . . STAT.

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