Wednesday, 16 January 2013

My Secret Day as a Glitter Girl

This Christmas my kids got the best present ever - Glitter Bubble Bath. It is awesome! It smells great, and is, as you can imagine, very sparkly.  They LOVE it and want to have baths all the time.

The other day I decided I was going to have a nice long soak in the tub. It had been rinsed the night before after the kids had their bath, so I didn't really think anything of it. I basked in the heat of the water and relaxed as steam covered the mirrors. After an hour or so, I hauled myself out, dried off, and inadvertantly glanced in the mirror.

Everywhere the water had touched now sparkled. And I mean everywhere. It didn't matter how much I rubbed my body with a towel, I still glistened in a variety of flashy colors. In fact, if someone had taken the time to shine a bright light on me, I'm quite certain I could have passed for a disco ball.
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I accepted my fate. Being a 'glitter girl' was my destiny. For a day or so anyways. I worried that it might be kind of hard to be covered in glitter. My husband would probably wonder what I was up to . . . or more likely, hope I was up to something . . . perhaps both.

In reality - it wasn't soooo bad. Most of me was covered up with clothing, so my secret identity was pretty much safe. I had a close call in the washroom at the theatre later that evening. When I went to flush, I was distracted by an alarming rainbow of color covering the seat. Fortunately I was able to remove the evidence so as not to infect the next unsuspecting user.

My husband wondered why I got undressed in the dark that night, but I kept my secret. There was no reason for him to start being sparkly too - although I'm certain he wouldn't have complained . . . much.

But, like all good things, it had to come to an end. And end it did. When I pulled back the covers and got out of bed the next morning, what was left of my glitter days remained there, scattered all over the sheets. My husband looked at it and exclaimed "What the hell did you eat that made you sweat glitter?!"

B looked at it enviously and remarked how pretty it was. It must have made quite the impression because that morning he put on his very glittery sequinned jacket from his dance costume last year. And he wore it all day under his hoodie. And his pajama's that night.

What can I say, sometimes we all need just a little sparkle in our day :)


  1. "Everywhere the water had touched now sparkled. And I mean everywhere...glistened in a variety of flashy colors...could have passed for a disco ball." That's sexy! I am gonna get some for my lovely lady!

    1. And that is PRECISELY why I got undressed in the dark that night lmao!

  2. Hahahahahaha! What did you eat to sweat glitter!!! I LOVE it. OMG. I can hear my husband saying something just like that!! Love this story!!