Friday, 18 January 2013

Best Morning EVER!

Best Morning EVER!

These were the words shouted at me not long after a very cranky, woken to early, grumblefest that occurred while I was making breakfast.

What can I say? I'm simply NOT a morning person. I probably never will be. My kids on the other hand are all about early mornings. And in many ways, this is a blessing, because I do not have to struggle with trying to get them out of bed and off to school - well, until they are teenagers of course. But at the present time, these early mornings are kicking me in the a$$ so hard I'm sure a shoe (or two!) must be lodged up there!

So what turned it around? What made my kids forget about their uber snarky mother and laugh hysterically, professing to never forget this day?


My mother always told me "you catch more flies with honey than vinegar", but apparently, you can colour the morning awesome by making almost empty honey container farts for 5 minutes straight. It seriously never gets old. My kids were practically falling off their chairs they were laughing so hard. One even exclaimed "You're the best Mom ever!" - wow! That felt good!

But kids are fickle . . . and not long after I reminded them that they had to brush their teeth and get ready for school, I quickly became the enemy once again. Oh well, at least for a brief moment in time, all was wonderful in the world.

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