Thursday, 3 January 2013

Da*# Acronyms

When it comes to my intellect, there are three things I take pride in. First is my spelling, second is my memory, and third is my ability to remember what acronyms stand for.

Tonight I was challenged. Leave it to a 7 year old to get me all riled up and flustered. Ok, to be fair, this all went down after I was off the clock - so in reality, I probably wasn't as engaged in the conversation as I could be.

This is kind of how it went . . .

Z:  I know what LOL means - laugh out loud!
Me (reading Twitter): You got it! Now roll over and be quiet. It's bedtime.

Z: How about this one Mom? PMK
Me (thinking wtf?): I don't know. It's time for bed. Please go to sleep.

Z: It stands for Popular Mechanics for Kids.
Me (thinking how the heck was I supposed to know THAT?!?!): Z, you need to be quiet and go to sleep.

Z: Hey Mom! How about KFC?
Me (distracted): Kentucky Fried Children . . . Hand over mouth. blink. blink. (did I SERIOUSLY just say that?!)

Z (sounding very nervous): Uh . . . Mom?
Me (play it cool, play it cool): Yes?

Z: Does that mean we ate a KID at Grandma's house that one time?!

At which point I realized two things:

1. Sleep was not going to come quickly tonight.
2. My plan to serve Kentucky Fried Chicken for dinner tomorrow night has pretty much been shot to hell.

Sigh. It's great to know that even though it's a new year, I can still manage to freak the heck outta my kids.

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