Tuesday, 15 January 2013

What's On Your Plate?

My kids are super picky eaters. This makes meal times a real challenge - especially for the cooking impaired. I always struggle with what to serve for dinner, and if I find something that they agree to eat, it is celebration time.

Tonight they were all tired. I could tell the moment they walked in the door. In an effort to get to bedtime faster, I suggested we have a backwards day and I would make pancakes and bacon for dinner.   (Who am I kidding? The only time we ever have pancakes and bacon is in the evening!) They were ecstatic. All of them got in on the action of food prep, and soon, they were seated at the table chowing down.

And that's when it got kinda weird interesting.

Z asked his brother and sister if they liked pigs. They eagerly said yes, and didn't even bat an eye when he exclaimed "can you believe we are eating one of them?!?!"

They continued to eat their bacon, and B stated:

"You know, pig actually tastes better than horse" (in what world did THIS kid come from?)

E exclaimed "People don't eat horses B!" and giggled nervously like she certainly hoped this was true.

And this is where I lost it . . .

Z pipes up "Relax E - only villagers eat horses. Don't worry - we don't have any villagers around here . . . right mom?"

"Uhhhhhhhh . . . no Z . . . no, we don't."

It's been 3 hours and I still can't figure out who the heck the 'villagers' are . . . and part of me hopes I never do!


  1. dude. you BETTER FIND OUT?! What if they are in your basement??

    1. This comment totally made my night . . . and caused an overwhelming feeling of needing to carry a frying pan around as I checked out my basement . . .