Tuesday, 22 January 2013

When The 'Hider' is Better Than The 'Seeker'

Folks, we have a bit of a problem in our house these days ... Unbeknownst to us, B's glasses have decided to start a game of Hide and Seek. It isn't the first time this has happened - usually they only outsmart us for a couple of days and hide in the usual places (under the bed, in the drawer, etc.). Except for that one time when they hid under the neighbor's play centre and weren't found for 2 months. That was a good one.

Z's glasses decided to get in on the action one time as well. They weren't nearly as smart or creative as B's.
No, it didn't take long to find those.

At any rate, B's glasses are MIA at present. I've searched the house. I've called every place we have been in the last 4 days to see if they have been turned in to lost and found. I even crawled under my bed to have a look - and while I was disturbed by what I saw, there were no glasses there. Sigh.

The buggars have outsmarted me once again.

So if you see a pair of rogue black glasses running around town, desperate to stay hidden from their far sighted owner, please do my sanity (and my bank account!) a favor and give me a call. Until then, it's back to the trenches  . . .

Found them . . . in a puzzle box. Well played glasses, well played.


  1. Your last line made me actually lol. I can just picture the scene.

    1. It was a laugh with relief moment for sure :) Thanks for your comments Jules!