Friday, 4 January 2013


This morning I was talking to my youngest daughter about her upcoming day at Kindergarten. She has a phenomenal teacher who engages the kids like nobody's business, and is always coming up with creative ways to facilitate learning in a fun, playful way.

Today, they are taking a trip to China. They have been stoked for it from the moment they walked in the door last night. My daughter informed me at bedtime that in order to get the most out of her trip, she needed to 'wear something awesome'. She then told me I had better think long and hard about what that might be, because she didn't want to look silly. 

This morning I set out her very fancy dress and vest that she had received from her Grandma for Christmas. She was thrilled. We then set out to braid her hair. She could hardly contain her excitement as she exclaimed ...

"We are going to China today! It's sure a good thing I look stunning!"

I couldn't help but smile to myself. After all, not many 5 year olds care whether they look stunning or not. Then she shared this little gem . . .

"Sure do hope I don't drop a firebomb like this on the plane" at which point she let the longest, loudest, ripper fart go. 

So much for classy. Sigh.

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