Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Where Do You Eat YOUR Pancakes?

Today was the Westerner Days parade - got the kids up early (yes, I actually had to WAKE them up!), and headed into town to meet up with some friends and grab some pancakes before the festivities began.

Turned out the closest pancake breakfast to where we parked was at a local Funeral Home. Considering we arrived at the tail end, it was pretty dead around there and we were able to get a seat in the limo bays pretty easily.

I must admit, it was a little weird for a few reasons:

1. I don't usually eat pancakes in the arrival/departure area of a Funeral Home - guess I can cross this off my bucket list.

2. Elizabeth described the location as "such a beautiful hotel" repeatedly.

3. Ben managed to locate the elevator and cooler doors that were hidden behind screens. He thought this was pretty cool and made sure everyone knew it.

Later this evening, as I was tucking Miss E into bed, I asked her what her favourite part of the day was . . . Yup - you guessed it. "Going to that beautiful hotel - do you think we can stay there sometime?"

Honey, I sure hope not. At least not anytime soon.

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