Monday, 23 July 2012

After Bite

I was planning on taking the kids swimming tomorrow. But then something awful happened.

I was cooking dinner tonight, and my butt cheek started to itch. So I scratched it. And I scratched it again, cause everyone knows once you start scratching, it just itches more, right?

Five minutes later I had an inflamed mosquito bite the size of Mt. Everest hanging off my a$$ and I couldn't stop scratching! 

Finally put some anti-itch cream on it and resumed my domestic duties. Like most things, the incident vanished from my mind as I took the next few sips of my G & T.

A while later, Mike walks in the room and starts staring - literally staring - at my butt. My inner hotness shouts - "oh yeah, these shorts make my butt look HOT! He can't take his eyes off me!"

Then he says "What the hell is that thing hanging off your a$$?!?!"

There's NO WAY I'm putting on a bathing suit!

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