Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Double Exposure

After listening to the kids whine and complain about not being able to go swimming, I finally relented and agreed to take them to the pool. What's the point of parenting if you can't be inconsistent, right? Sigh.

All went well for the first hour - kids were having a blast on the waterslides and were generally very well behaved. Then they came into the pool to play. It was all going great until Ben reached over to grab me, caught my bathing suit, and whipped out my boob for everyone to see. Well, perhaps I exaggerate - my boobs are so small, even if one is whipped out, it's likely no one will notice.

I got everything tucked back in, and we had a fantastic time - then someone pooped in the pool and it was time to clear out. After a quick shower and change, we packed up and headed out. On our way through the lobby, Ben started yelling 'fox, fox, fox' and pointing to the fox pictured on the wall. Unfortunately with his speech delay, it sounded more like the other F word and we were able to get some really interesting looks from people walking by.

On our way out to the car, Ben decided I was going too fast and gave my pants a quick pull. Yup - I got 'pantsed' in the parking lot by my 5 year old. Sure glad I was too lazy to put on my underwear when I was getting changed. Fox.

I can hardly wait to go swimming again . . . only this time, Ben might have to stay home.

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