Sunday, 24 June 2012

I'm So So So Hungry

Ok, let's get this straight . . . I feed my kids regularly . . . three solid meals a day plus lots of snacks. So WHY are they always hungry?

This past Thursday was the T-Ball windup - the kids were served hot dogs, a bag of chips, plus a can of pop (yeah - they went to sleep good that night - NOT). This was in addition to the yogurt tube, cheese string, and pepperoni stick they had to have BEFORE going to the event because they were so, so, so, so hungry.  After dinner they had pictures taken - apparently this is a big calorie burner because they were totally starving afterwards. I decided an ice cream treat would be nice, and got them each a sundae from Dairy Queen.  We came home, ate them, and I swear, not even five minutes later I had to endure a battle of wills over whether they had actually even been fed supper. Seriously?

Today we went to a movie. I got them each the Kids combo. Fifteen minutes in, Zach had eaten all his popcorn. Sixteen minutes in he started to complain about being so incredibly hungry. Seventeen minutes in I suggested he crawl along the floor and look for scraps. Seventeen minutes and thirty seconds in I had to convince him to get up off the floor because I was just kidding. Eighteen minutes in I had to intervene as he attacked his brother in an attempt to steal his popcorn. Nineteen minutes in Elizabeth started complaining about being hungry. You get the idea. It was a long movie.

We came home, had a snack, then several pieces of left over pizza for dinner. Then some fruit for dessert. And milk. And cheese. And some more fruit. And a muffin.

And at bedtime, "Why didn't you give us anything to eat today?"

I give up.

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