Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Fancy Meeting You Here . . .

Hi! Welcome to my experiment/blog! A few of you may already know this, but for those who don't I'll give you a little bit of background information . . .

I am a stay-at-home Mom with four beautiful and very 'energetic' children. Over the years, I have written various notes about the crazy and hilarious (and sometimes not so hilarious) things that my kids say and do with the intention of eventually writing a book titled "Gin & Tonic for the Mother's Soul".  Believe me, they have given me enough material that I could probably write a series! At any rate, normally I would post some of the stuff on Facebook; however I recently began thinking about sharing some of these stories, as well as my thoughts on things that happen in general, on a more regular basis and in blog format. Perhaps it's my way of 'testing the waters' so to speak before diving into writing something more formal and let's face it, risky. So, here I am!

I would really love for this blog to be interactive, so please feel free to comment on stories - or even share some of your own! Parenting is hard work, and sometimes, just knowing that other Mom's and Dad's experience some of the same insanity as you do can be very helpful. I'm looking forward to this journey, and I hope you'll enjoy travelling along the road with me :)


p.s. - I know the font is large . . . I'm simply in denial about needing to wear my glasses, so please bear with me ;)

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