Monday, 25 June 2012

The Boy in Pink Pyjamas

My Ben has a style all his own. 

From the time he was very little, he has always loved to put on dress up clothes - and by dress up clothes I really mean frilly little dresses :) There are some little boys who can pull off this look - they have fine features and can almost resemble a little girl in a dress. Not my Ben - he looks like a linebacker in a tutu! But he loves it, so that's OK.

For his birthday he received a full fledged army camouflage outfit - pants, vest, jacket and hat. He rocked it with princess heels.

One time, he went for two whole days wearing a Snow White dress and Darth Vader mask - repeating over and over "Luke, I am your mother".

A couple of weeks ago, he spent the entire evening dancing around the house in nothing but his underwear and a tutu. 

The other night at the T-Ball wind up, they were all given participation medals and had to have their picture taken. He wore his like a pageant banner. Right in the front row. It was awesome!

On Friday, the kids decided to have a pyjama day. Ben selected his sisters fuzzy pink two piece pj's. He had a ball riding around the yard on his bike, waiting for his brother to come home.

When he came in for a snack, I commented on the fact he was wearing Elizabeth's pj's - to which he replied excitedly:

"Yup, and I'm wearing her panties too!"

Perhaps it's time we had a little talk . . .

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