Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Stick a Fork in Me Cause I'm DONE!

It's been a looooong day . . . and I am quite certain I have become intimately acquainted with the reasons animals have for eating their young.

Admittedly, it hasn't been as bad as the day the kids filled up the overflow drain in the laundry room with soap, but it is ranking right up there.

The morning started out with them playing downstairs - no big deal. Unfortunately I had forgotten to lock the laundry room last night, so they got into the pop. Of course THIS settled them down hahaha!

We started to try and clean up the mess in the basement (lego and duplo EVERYWHERE) - cue wild dramatics! How hard is it to grab a block and put it in the box? It's not like they don't have any hands!

I tried a variety of strategies to get them to clean up with no success. Finally, as I'm picking up blocks and they are sitting on the stairs laughing at me, I raise my voice and tell them to get busy - and they start screaming like I've cut off their arms.

Cue doorbell.

It was the trapper guy. Apparently, somebody has been messing with the traps and while the remaining badgers have probably been trapped, someone has come along and let them out. Seriously? Now I want to sit out there with a pellet gun and wait for them . . . but I digress.

We FINALLY got the basement cleaned up and had some lunch. Had a quick visit with my friend while the kids 'played' downstairs. Tried to convince my friend to take the kids home - she wisely declined.

The phone rings - it's a call I have to take and lasts about 7 minutes. I hang up and hear hysterical laughter from the basement. I think of a thousand different ways I can justify ignoring this, finally give up, and head down the stairs.


There is an assortment of raw macaroni, goldfish crackers, and potato chips covering the entire floor. There are toys laying on top of all of that. And hanging from the light over the pool table are two naked children.

I briefly consider using them for badger bait then decide it would probably be in their best interests to go to their rooms immediately. Wisely, they concur.

I spend the next 25 minutes vacuuming up the mess and reminding myself that I love my children very very much.




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