Friday, 8 June 2012

There's a Gopher in my Sandbox

Ah . . . acreage life. Lots of space, birds singing, flowers blooming, mowers mowing, gophers breeding . . .

Wait a minute - back it up - gophers breeding?

I swear, we are not trying to increase the gopher population, nor do we consider them to be an endangered species. In fact, the first couple were kind of cute - and Emily even wanted to keep one as a pet.

Even though I grew up on a farm, my experience with gophers was pretty much like everyone else's - you see them on the road - you try to hit them. A great sport really.

So even though I was aware that the little rodents would invariably multiply - in no way shape or form was I prepared for this!  The other day I counted 26(!) running around the yard, and the next morning, I swear they were mobilizing the troops. There were eight gophers all in a line facing one big one - I'll call him Genghis - he squeaked a couple times and they all ran off.

Today I went down to the back yard - and there was a gopher - staring at me from the sandbox. I swear he stuck out his tongue and gave me the finger before darting away.

Oh it's on you little buggars - it's on!

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