Saturday, 30 June 2012

Pardon Me, I Think My Brain Just Farted

For those of you who don't know, I will be turning 40 in September. Yes - 40! How did that happen?!?! I sure as heck don't know, and I'm pretty sure my mother doesn't either ;)

At any rate, for the past year I have been contemplating what I could do that would be special to celebrate this new milestone in my life. 

When I turned 30, I got a tattoo.  At that time said I would get my nipples or belly button pierced at 40. Frankly, it no longer seems that appealing now that my breasts sag to my belly button - but hey, it could almost be a 2 for 1.

Of course, Vegas crossed my mind . . . as did New York, Italy, and Toronto. But, the kids will be in school, and I'm just not sure it would work out. Besides, I'd kind of rather go to Disneyland - and since we said we wouldn't go until Zach was 10, I guess that means I'll have to wait until I'm 43.

Sigh . . . what to do, what to do?

The other night I made a decision. I'm not sure if it was the extra Gin & Tonic, or the euphoria from realizing I would soon be free of my bondage to the school lunch kit. More likely it was a great big giant brain fart that made me do it.

I signed up for a 10k run in Canmore. FYI - I DON'T run. I detest running. I don't even like walking really, but heck, you gotta get places somehow, right? 

Here is my thinking . . . you never know what life is going to hand you. Today I can walk - and yes, I can run too - even though it isn't something that I really love or want to do. Who knows what tomorrow will bring? 

I know one thing for certain - if I discovered tomorrow that someday in the near future, I wouldn't be able to run or walk, I would be doing everything I could to make sure I was running until I couldn't run anymore. 

I've spent too much time in my life taking things for granted, for relying on tomorrow always being there. I've learned the hard way that sometimes it isn't. And so I will run, in case someday I will no longer be able to. 

And besides, who wants a ring in their nipple anyways?


  1. So funny Cheryl! And good for you for doing it!!!

  2. Thanks Mandy! Good luck tomorrow :)